My practice is concerned with my perceptions of gender and class, influenced by my upbringing in a post-industrial town. I aim to challenge ideas of working-class masculinity by the harnessing of ‘feminine’ craft in an unconventional way. I also use materials, processes and objects that evoke ideas of the ‘masculine’. Placing these together as sculpture questions the societal principles that shape us in our childhood. Knitting is used within my sculptural objects as it is perceived to be a domestic hobby adopted by women in the present day. I aim to challenge this stereotype through subversion. The materials used appear to have gendered associations. ‘Working’ materials such as bricks, concrete blocks, and scaffolding. There is contrast between the physical properties of the materials. Contrast between the concrete and the wool. At first it would appear to be an unconventional pairing, however, there is an unexpected harmony between the combined objects. In a sense, the wool brings strength to the concrete, the ‘gum’ that holds the work together.